The in's and out's of Dubarry of Ireland boots with special attention to what Dubarry boots do so well.

Dubarry of Ireland boots have a long standing and well deserved reputation for being some of the finest boots around - hello Bruce Springsteen, Kate Middleton, and Martha Stewart all rock a pair of Dubarry's. Now not all of us are royalty or celebrities but that doesn't mean we're not worthy of some of the nicest boots around. 

The sailing collection of Dubarry boots is exactly what your feet are asking for this season; especially when you're doing the Susan Hood overnight race and it's cold and rainy and 3am. What makes these boots so fantastic? They're breathable, waterproof, and have incredible grip. 

The boots are lined with GORE-TEX® underneath the inside layer to produce incredible breathability while you're working hard. The GORE-TEX® helps wick away moisture and perspiration. The benefit of this is that both your boots and feet stay dry and thus no smell - a common problem with sailing boots. The great thing about the GORE-TEX® lining is that you don't have to wear heavy socks with your boots anymore as the GORE-TEX® not only provides breathability but also warmth. No more trying to make up for less than perfect boots with socks - with Dubarry boots, your boots are warm when you need it. Your boots are performing just how you need to them while you perform just how you need to on the boat. 

Now the grip is one of the best thing's about these boots. The grip is known as Dubarry NonSlip – NonMarking™ outsole, which reduces the chance of slipping. The construction of the sole is integrated with the rest of the boot - this is what helps keep these boots wonderfully waterproof. Dubarry describes it as "Duo compound PU and Rubber sole which is directly inject moulded onto the upper." In plain English, that means that the non-marking and non-slip sole is directly moulded through injection on to the top part of the boot. Meaning? Less seams and less seams means minimal opportunity for water to slip through and run through the inside of your boot. 

A common concern of many customers is that the boots are made out of leather and won't it be ruined by the water? The answer is no as the leather is water resistant and low absorbtion making the boots dry soft and dry quick every time. The waterproof process that Dubarry uses helps prevent the leather from becoming hard or cracking when it dries as it is not a spray coating. This also helps the boots from becoming heavy when they do meet water. Thus another great benefit of the boots - they're lightweight!

People always ask us how to maintain their boots, should they spray them every season and what's the best way to protect them? The answer is to NOT spray your boots as a protecting spray will block the breathability of the boots. Rather, if you need to clean your boots or need to get salt or something off of them, the best thing to do is take a warm wash cloth and just rub the boots down and then let them air out. To help keep their longevity, it's best not to walk on grass in your boots as it wears away at the grip. Also, do not expose the sole to sunlight when you dry them out as the UV rays break down the grip and sole. 

Now the sizing of Dubarry boots is something to keep in mind when trying on your first pair. Both styles that Fogh Marine carries - the Ultima and the Newport - are sized in men's sizing. Generally, women should go down 2 sizes when converting to mens sizing. To make it more confusing, each styles comes in different sizing types: European (EU) vs. United Kingdom (UK). 

The Ultima's use UK sizing, 3-13, and are available in half sizes up to UK size 11 (US 11.5). Generally when converting to UK sizing for the sailing boots, women should go 2.5 sizes and men should go down 1/2 size. For example, if you wear a US ladies 8 (US mens size 6) then you'd be a UK size 5.5. 

The Newport's use EU sizing, 37-47, with no half sizes available. The EU sizing is somewhat more tricky than the UK sizing therefore we encourage you to contact the store for sizing guidance to ensure the best fit. 

From my experience, and although I have the Galway riding boot not the Ultima's or the Newport sailing boots, the quality of the boots is incredible. I may not be able to speak on how the sailing boots perform I can comment on the craftsmanship, quality, grip, breathability, and the waterproof quality of the boots. I wore them all winter long both in Toronto and Waterloo. The boots never failed me in grip, even on my walks to school with icy pathways. They also never failed me in warmth in the 0 to -40 conditions or in breathability. I was, and still am, able to wear them all day long without my feet overheating or getting wet - plus they're comfortable. No salt or snow or water has stained my boots either; I'd give them a quick clean with a warm wash cloth and all salt, slush, snow, and dirty water would come right off. So although I don't own the Ultima's or the Newport's, I can say that the quality and performance of Dubarry Boots is unlike any other boot brand I've ever seen or tried. It is, honestly, something I never thought existed in boots - worth the money everyday of the year.

Now for the sailing boots, I can say that a friend's dad got a pair of Dubarry Ultima's for this past season's Susan Hood Race, which he has completed 5 times during his 40 years of sailing experience. The only time his feet of have been warm and dry was during this year's race, making the race more enjoyable than previous years. (Now let's be honest - how enjoyable can an overnight race be when its cold, wet, and rainy.) I also had a customer come into Fogh the morning they finished the Susan Hood Race - still in their foullies - and come get a pair of Ultima's. He said he was the only one on the boat without them and he was the only one with cold feet, a mistake he said he'd never make again.

Fogh Marine carries two types of Dubarry boots - the Ultima and the Newport. Shop online or come by the store today to see the boots for yourself. Any Fogh Marine employee would be happy to assist you with your Dubarry experience. 

Whether they're for yourself or someone else, Dubarry boots are always a great gift idea (hint: perfect gift for the holidays). Keep your eyes out for our upcoming holiday gift guides for more ideas during the holiday season. 


Customer Feedback:

"My Dubarry Ultima boots are the best sailing foot wear I have ever owned. I always know, however wet or cold the weather is, my feet will be well taken care of - with assurance that I won't go in the drink."

- Graham Hicks, J105 sailor, RCYC  


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